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ITS European Regional Conference 2022

ITS European Regional Conference 2022

20 Jun 2022 - 22 Jun 2022

Gothenburg, Sweden

Reining in Digital Platforms? Challenging monopolies, promoting competition and developing regulatory regimes

Data is at the heart of the business models of many big tech companies. Through collecting, combining and analysing data from multiple sources in unprecedented amounts, big tech companies have been able to develop innovative services that are popular with users. But increasingly individuals are concerned about the data they are providing and how it is being used, frustrated by their inability to control who has access to it and how it is used. Governments have sought to provide those who provide data with greater control over it, developing policies to capture the benefits of the data based economy that is emerging. Industrial policies are emerging that seek to provide countries with the necessary digital infrastructure, thereby enhancing the country’s competitiveness, with some initiatives focusing on the physical infrastructure while others have concentrated on data.

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