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Learning to learn from pilots/FOT

Learning to learn from pilots/FOT

05 Apr 2017 - 30 Nov -0001

Brussels, Belgium

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• Volvo Europe, Avenue du Hunderenveld/Hunderenveldlaan 10, 1082 Brussels

Learning to learn from pilots/FOT: towards collaboration and coordination of evaluation activities in pilots/FOTs 

One of the important elements of pilots is to learn from them, what is the impact on traffic flow, is the HMI well designed, how do users experience certain functionalities, under what conditions do they operate, etc. And since pilots are often quite complex and costly it’s a good idea to share and/or compare the lessons learned with other pilots. CARTRE’s WP4 “Data exchange and common evaluation framework” is dedicated to this subject and its objectives are to facilitate the exchange of data, experience and knowledge for comparing and deploying results from pilots and to foster a common evaluation framework across Automated Road Transport (ART) projects. In this workshop the focus will be on the needs for data exchange (including experience and knowledge) and evaluation support. The results of a questionnaire amongst various stakeholders will be presented and discussed. In addition to this we will actively seek input from the audience regarding the different expectations.


9.00 Intro CARTRE and WP4 (Yvonne/Tom)
9.15 Needs and expectations for support and exchange of experiences from projects; presentation results from questionnaire and discussion (Sami Koskinen)
10.30 Existing tools, methods, experiences, best practices… and their relevance for connected and automated road transport pilots and FOTs (Yvonne Barnard & Tom Alkim, with contributions from participants)
11.30 Different expectations from “customers” (different stakeholder groups), such as for societal issues and how to meet them -> generate input from the audience (moderated by Yvonne Barnard & Tom Alkim)
12.00 end