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Mobilising Mobility: Impact assessment of automated vehicles

Mobilising Mobility: Impact assessment of automated vehicles

15 Oct 2020 - 15 Oct 2020


There is a growing consensus that public authorities have an important role to play to ensure vehicle automation delivers positive mobility outcomes and averts negative effects. In order to help them make the right policy choices, it is necessary to have an understanding of the potential impacts of automated vehicles and of the most sustainable policy options.

The LEVITATE and CoEXist projects are developing knowledge and tools to help cities prepare for the introduction of automated vehicles on our roads. The webinar will provide insights into the methods developed for assessing the impacts of automated vehicles across a range of mobility domains and the findings from their application in real-life scenarios using policy options such as road pricing, parking regulation and dedicated AV lanes.

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Featured speakers will be:

  • Dr. Hitesh Boghani, Senior Research Associate at Transport Safety Research Centre (representing LEVITATE)


This webinar is a Polis initiative in cooperation with the LEVITATE and CoEXist projects.

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