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HCI International 2020 conference

HCI International 2020 conference

19 Jul 2020 - 24 Jul 2020


HCI International 2020, jointly with the affiliated Conferences, under the auspices of 21 distinguished international boards of 491 board members from 49 different countries, held under one management and one registration, will take place virtually due to restrictions placed by Danish government in light of COVID-19.

Human-computer interaction (HCI) in the field of mobility and intermodal transport leads to completely new challenges. A variety of different travellers move in different travel chains. The interplay of such different systems, such as car and bike sharing, local and long-distance public transport and individual transport, must be adapted to the needs of the travellers. Innovative means of transport are developed, such as electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. To achieve the acceptance of these systems, human-machine interaction must be completely redesigned.

Some of the topics to be addressed will be:

  • Smart stations
  • Traveller’s behaviour
  • Ticketing in public transport
  • Mobility planning
  • Car- and bike-sharing system: access and billing
  • Road safety support systems
  • Traveller information systems along the travel chain
  • Cooperative driving and connected vehicles

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