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NordicWay 2 Evaluation results webinar

NordicWay 2 Evaluation results webinar

24 Nov 2020 - 24 Nov 2020


NordicWay 2 is getting closer to final stage of its project period and the results from the evaluations will be presented at a digital showcase.

NordicWay 2 is a collaboration project between Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland with representatives¬† from both public and private sector. The project’s objective was to contribute to the harmonization of cooperative intelligent transport system (C-ITS) services by using mobile networks for connections between vehicles and a cloud-based information exchange between actors. Furthermore, the project aimed to contribute to the development of digital infrastructure that prepare the transport system for connected and autonomous driving. The project is partly funded by the EU via the Connecting Europe Facility programme (CEF), it started 2017 and will be finalized in December 2020.

In NordicWay 2, the various pilits have been evaluated in a coordinated approach. The evaluation areas are user acceptetance of C-ITS services, NordicWay 2 interchange nodes’ interoperability and technical capability, NordicWay 2 ecosystems, and socio-economy of C-ITS services.

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