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SAFERtec Final Event

SAFERtec Final Event

10 Mar 2020 - 10 Mar 2020


The EU funded H2020 project SAFERtec reached its conclusion in March 2020, The final event will present the research results of three years of extensive work by its consortium partners; nine industrial, SME and academic partners, who combined their expertise to contribute to the introduction of a security assurance framework tailored for future networked vehicular technology.

SAFERtec’s results and achievements will be presented during a session with consortium-members’ presentations and a round-table discussion including external experts. The delegates will disseminate themselves with the automotive security assurance challenges and the SAFERtec results in parallel.

SAFERtec Final Event was about to be held physically in historic Burg Warberg castle in Germany on 10 March 2020 but due to the growing coronavirus outbreak and keeping the best precautionary measures possible, the physical event is cancelled and made a transition into a remote version.

You can download the agenda here and for further information on how to join the online remote session, look here