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SIP-adus Workshop 2019

SIP-adus Workshop 2019

12 Nov 2019 - 14 Nov 2019

Tokyo, Japan

The SIP-adus Workshops are organised on a yearly basis in Tokyo, Japan. During this workshop, government officials and leaders of major CAD projects are sharing the latest information about CAD and holding discussions on key themes.

This year’s edition is going to take place on 12 – 14 November 2019 in Tokyo.

The SIP-adus Workshop is divided into three different parts. First of all, during the session, experts from around the world deliver presentations on the following seven themes:

  1. Regional Activities and FOTs
  2. Dynamic Map
  3. Connected Vehicles
  4. Cyber Security
  5. Impact Assessment
  6. Next Generation Transport
  7. Human Factors

The second part of the workshop is the SIP-adus Exhibition where posters from ministries and agencies working for SIP-adus development projects are exhibited. Last but not least, the Workshop foresees Breakout Sessions where participants can deepen their discussions around the seven session themes.