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Webinar 5G for CAM Deployment Challenges and Lessons Learned

Webinar 5G for CAM Deployment Challenges and Lessons Learned

03 Dec 2021



In this webinar, 5G-MOBIX, 5G-CroCo and 5G-CARMEN1 partners will bring forward their experience on challenges faced and lessons learned during deployment and integration of 5G for CAM use cases in cross-border scenarios.

Fikret Sivrikaya (GT-ARC), leading the 5G corridor roll-out coordination within 5G-MOBIX, will provide a summary overview of key observations and recommendations based on the roll-out experiences in 5G-MOBIX. Simon Rommel (TU Eindhoven) will focus on 5G network deployment challenges and lessons learned in 5G-MOBIX.
Edwin Fischer (Deutsche Telekom AG), Technical Manager of 5G-CARMEN, will share his “Notes from the field: 5G CAM deployment in today’s 5G NSA networks”.
Dirk Hetzer (T-Systems), 5G-CroCo Technical Manager, presentation will provide insights on lessons learned during the use case tests and pilots and a few hints about evaluation results.

1 5G-PPP Phase 3 Automotive projects implementing and testing advanced cross order 5G infrastructures in Europe.