Last modified on November 3, 2023

Webinar “An Automotive Vertical view on smart cities, DevOps, and 5G Network Integration”

Webinar “An Automotive Vertical view on smart cities, DevOps, and 5G Network Integration”

15 Nov 2023


15:00-16:30 CET 

Organized by the 5GASP Horizon 2020 European project, this webinar aims to explore the critical intersections of the road transportation vertical (automotive use cases and connected & cooperative mobility use cases), DevOps practices, and 5G network integration, with a potential focus on standardization. 

The automotive industry is on the cusp of a major transformation, driven by advancements in 5G technology, automotive and network intelligence and the up-and-coming adoption of DevOps methodologies in edge-network environments. This webinar will provide a platform for industry leaders, experts, and innovators to discuss and dissect the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in this highly dynamic 5G technology adoption landscape. 

Topics of Discussion: 

  1. DevOps in the Automotive Vertical: Exploring the role of DevOps (and NetOps) in enhancing (software and hardware) agility, innovation, and collaboration within the automotive sector;  
  2. 5G Network Integration: Review of the features and benefits  of 5G and impact on 5G adoption onto market verticals. Delve into the integration of 5G networks with automotive systems, including use cases and potential benefits (two use cases will be directly approached through specifically-designed 5G network-applications;
  3. Standardization in Automotive 5G: A potential focus on the standardization efforts that are shaping the future of automotive 5G networks. 

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