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Webinar on Autonomous Testing Action Plan in Europe

Webinar on Autonomous Testing Action Plan in Europe

13 Sep 2017 - 13 Sep 2017


TU Automotive is organising a webinar on Autonomous Testing: An Action Plan for Europe. From the top level European standards to nations and individual cities, understand the European testing landscape and map out an action plan for true deployment. Put your tech to the test by understanding what the EU vs. each state (vs. each city!) requires to test your vehicles on the road. Determine what autonomous driving aspects need to be evaluated and how to build a successful test environment, incl. what data is necessary to share with other parties. Get to grips with the progress of testing real world environments, incl. vehicle-to-pedestrian, and reactions both of and to self-driving vehicles in the streets

Speakers: Florien van der Windt, Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, The Netherlands Harri Santamala, CEO, Sensible4 / ‎Project Director, Smarter Mobility, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Registration is now open here.