Last modified on July 14, 2023

Webinar “What Could AVs Mean for Future Jobs in Europe?”

Webinar “What Could AVs Mean for Future Jobs in Europe?”

16 Jun 2023


9:00-9:45 am EST / 3:00 – 3:45 pm CET

The advancement of autonomous vehicles (AVs) has sparked numerous discussions about their potential impact on society. One key area of concern revolves around the job market and how this transformative technology might shape employment opportunities.

To address these pressing questions, PAVE presents an engaging virtual panel, specifically focused on Europe, where experts from various sectors within the AV ecosystem will share their experiences and shed light on future trends.

The panel will address the concerns of current workers who worry that their job could be altered or eliminated by automation and explore possible strategies for job adaptation, retraining, or transition within the AV ecosystem.


  • Frances Williamson – Head of Stakeholder Engagement, Zenzic
  • Nikolas Thomopoulus, Associate Professor in Transport, University of Surrey & WISE-ACT Chair
  • David Storer – Director Research, Innovation, New Mobility, CLEPA