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First European on-demand self driving bus to be piloted in Trondheim

First European on-demand self driving bus to be piloted in Trondheim

8 June 2020

Applied Autonomy (a Norwegian autonomous transport technology provider) is currently setting up operations for Europe’s first on-demand bus service using a self-driving bus in Trondheim. The bus is scheduled to run as part of the Trondheim’s bus network in the Øya neighbourhood for two months, starting 17 August 2020. During the test period, the bus will cover the area between St. Olav’s hospital, Trondheim spektrum and the top of Klostergata with nearly 20 stops during the course. The tests for Trondheim’s first self-driving bus service have started already mid-May. For the first time in Europe, the project sees the combination of a self-driving bus with an on-demand solution which allows passengers to call the bus for individual journeys

The use of self driving buses has been recognised as a possible future solution for connecting residential areas and neighbourhoods on the outskirts of cities. The bus is provided by technology company EasyMile, it navigates using an array of sensors, GPS and Lidar technology, and and drives at a top speed of 16 km/h. A safety operator will ensure the safety of passengers and other vehicles in traffic during the trials. The self-driving bus will be open to anyone who requests it via a dedicated app.

As underlined by the project leader, the project’s aim is to investigate whether flexible, self-driving buses can play a role in future public transport systems, and contribute to making public transport more attractive. Together with insights acquired from similar projects, AtB (bus transport company) is hoping to build knowledge and gather experience on how the technology works.

Read the full press release here.

Picture @ Applied Autonomy