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French drivers to enjoy more driverless control

French drivers to enjoy more driverless control

10 October 2022

On 1 September, France legalised the driving of semi-autonomous* cars on roads where there is a central reservation and no pedestrians or cyclists are allowed; in practice, thus, on motorways or bypasses , where traffic is not moving at full speed.

In case of an accident, the manufacturer is responsible if the vehicle was used properly. However, if called to take back control of the vehicle, drivers recover their responsibility for any incidents caused on the road.


* Level 3 (out of 5) of autonomy, i.e. with driving aid functions that go beyond cruise control or driverless parking: the driver can let go of the steering wheel, but can be told by the car to take back control at any time; sensors on the dashboard can detect when the driver falls asleep and the vehicle stops if the driver fails to react.