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Global consultancy firm Mott MacDonald published a report on CAV.

Global consultancy firm Mott MacDonald published a report on CAV.

25 March 2020

Global consultancy firm Mott MacDonald published last year a report named “Planning for autonomous vehicles” which seeks to “inject some pragmatism” into the discussion about their introduction.

The company described that the report is supported by crowd sourcing from 90 participants from across the world and it is effectively a manual for local authorities, transportation planners and engineers. The report gave a few recommendations such as:

  1. Guaranteeing safe and acceptable rules of the road.
  2. Shaping network efficiency.
  3. Safeguarding against harmful consequences for public/sustainable transport.
  4. Ensuring CAV developments enhance mobility for all.
  5. Identifying infrastructure effects and rethinking asset management.
  6. Understanding and influencing acceptability and adoption.
  7. Managing demand through changing travel behaviour.
  8. Managing the transitional period to a CAV-rich future.
  9. Handling uncertainty in forward planning mobility.
  10. Tracking developments through knowledge exchange.

Paul Hammond, Mott MacDonald’s global practice leader for infrastructure development and economics said “We live in a highly connected society with more information at our fingertips than ever. However, just as ‘big data’ does not translate inevitably to ‘greater knowledge’, access to vast quantities of information does not immediately or automatically furnish us with better insight.”

Mott MacDonald said that in a very short time, a growing volume of information and observation about CAV’s has become available. The company said “The key problems are, first, how to keep abreast of the latest thinking and cut through the hype. And, second, how to make robust decisions in the face of so much uncertainty. The “Planning for connected autonomous vehicles” report aims to address this,” in a statement.

Hammond also said “Dazzling visions for a future of connected autonomous vehicles are plentiful. Incisive questions and pragmatism are significantly less so. Our new report introduces balance by addressing these ten key issues that everyone should keep front-of-mind”

To read the full report please visit here.