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How autonomous vehicle technology is helping to fight corona outbreak

How autonomous vehicle technology is helping to fight corona outbreak

8 April 2020

The corona virus outbreak has left the world economies derailed, leaving thousands dead, cities under lock down and factories shut. Under these strange times, countries are fighting back to come to normalcy. During the unanticipated disaster, China is using numerous resources available at their disposal against the deadly strain. The country mitigated the spread of the virus to a significant extent and profiled their citizens at risk.

Due to the critical situation of health care professionals and risk of spreading between humans due to contact, autonomous vehicles are demonstrating to be a great benefit in delivering essential supplies and goods.

Apollo, Baidu’s autonoumous vehicle platform collaborated with Neolix to deliver the essential supplies like food and medicines to hospitals in Beijing. Baidu has made its micro-car kits and autonomous driving cloud services available for free to fight the deadly outbreak. Another Chinese self driving company Idriveplus which operates electric street cleaning vehicles, are used to disinfect hospitals.

Apart from autonomous vehicles, other technologies like drones, artificial intelligence, big data, facial recognition, robots and colour coding are also used to help ease and control the situation.

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