Last modified on September 21, 2023

How best to share European mobility data

How best to share European mobility data

21 September 2023

The EU-funded PrepDSpace4Mobility Coordination and Support Action (CSA) is laying the foundation for a common, secure and controlled way of sharing mobility data across Europe towards the development of the common European mobility data space, which will facilitate easy, cross-border access to key data for both passengers and freight.

Across Europe, there are various data ecosystems that collect and share mobility and logistics data. Over the last few months, PrepDSpace4Mobility has been exploring and mapping existing data platforms and marketplaces to get an overview of the current European landscape, identify gaps and overlaps, potential common building blocks and governance frameworks for a European mobility data space (EMDS) integrated in the emerging European data and cloud services infrastructure. The project has been working in liaison with the Data Spaces Support Centre and the Alliance for Industrial Data, Cloud and Edge to ensure alignment with the European Data Spaces Technical Framework.

Furthermore, the project organised two stakeholder workshops to collect needs and requirements for data collection and data sharing in the mobility and logistics domains. Workshop participants explored different technologies and standards, the challenges and opportunities associated with each of them while exploring business models and the governance frameworks, including policies and regulations.

With the project coming to a close in only a few weeks time (PrepDSpace4Mobility final event), the EMDS can look forward to the deployment stage in the form of a new EU-funded Digital Europe project, deployEMDS.