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Humanising Autonomy and Transport for Greater Manchester join hands to measure impact of social distancing

Humanising Autonomy and Transport for Greater Manchester join hands to measure impact of social distancing

30 June 2020

On 16 June 2020, Humanising Autonomy, a predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) company improving synergy between urban mobility systems and people announced a partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGm). Together they will improve the safety of passengers and staff at critical public transport interchanges.

Humanising Autonomy’s behavioural video analytics software will be deployed as part of TfGM’s corona virus response. The analytics will help TfGM in understanding the social distancing influence and how passenger behaviour is affected by pandemic. The project was awarded funding as part of Innovate UK COVID-19 Rapid Response competition.

Humanising Autonomy’s analytics software will analyse video footage from the CCTV infrastructure at Bolton and Wythenshawe interchanges and Wigan bus station to study the behaviours of pedestrians and transport users. The analysis dashboard will help TfGM to understand the situation where social distancing is challenging and will provide insights into the number of people in groups.

TfGM’s partnership with Humanising Autonomy takes advantage of the anonymised, GDPR-compliant data they collect. By overlaying pre-existing CCTV footage with our predictive AI software we can provide fast, accurate insights into how society is functioning under social distancing measures,” said Leslie Nooteboom, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Humanising Autonomy.

She further expressed: “We’re thrilled to work with TfGM to provide valuable data insights, which will see Greater Manchester return to a safer, more efficient new normal post-pandemic by providing the Facilities Management team with behavioural insights and temporal analysis at the three busiest interchanges across GM.”

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is a public body responsible for delivering Greater Manchester’s future transport strategy and commitments.

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