Last modified on October 25, 2023

IN2CCAM transitions away from a uniform mobility approach

IN2CCAM transitions away from a uniform mobility approach

25 October 2023

The IN2CCAM project faces a significant challenge in delivering Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility solutions that genuinely meet the needs of citizens and enhance inclusivity in transportation. To achieve this, the project conducted an extensive survey with over 500 participants, defining eight user groups based on factors like socioeconomic and demographic backgrounds. They also identified the Four A’s – Availability, Accessibility, Affordability, and Acceptability – as the core factors driving passengers’ behavior.

IN2CCAM’s goal is to achieve genuine inclusivity in connected, cooperative, and automated mobility by comprehending the distinct requirements of various user groups. The research pinpoints critical focal points, such as ensuring secure and easily accessible transportation, while also tackling issues like financial sustainability and privacy considerations. It emphasises the significance of departing from conventional, one-size-fits-all methods and underscores the necessity to craft transportation systems that adapt to the real-world intricacies and preferences of every individual, thus ensuring all-encompassing mobility for everyone.

Read the full report of the survey here.