Last modified on October 10, 2023

IN2CCAM uncovered: Tampere Living Lab

IN2CCAM uncovered: Tampere Living Lab

10 October 2023

The European project IN2CCAM focuses on advancing Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility (CCAM) integration into traffic management. It involves six Living Labs across different countries, adapting to various contexts for scalability. The “IN2CCAM Uncovered” campaign explores these Living Labs’ activities. Starting with Tampere, Finland, a resilient city facing geographical challenges, it seeks to achieve climate neutrality by 2030.

Tampere, with 240,000 residents, depends on public transport, including a new tram network. To address high demand and sustainability goals, Tampere’s Hervanta district tests automated vehicles alongside public transport. IN2CCAM’s Tampere Living Lab focuses on integrating four smart vehicles into the traffic network. Equipped with sensors, they communicate, navigate, and interact with traffic lights and other transportation modes, enhancing safety and efficiency. The Living Lab, managed by VTT, is part of the ITS Factory innovation hub in Tampere, supported by Business Tampere.

The goal in Tampere is to provide a safer and more efficient transportation network, encouraging sustainable transport options over private cars, reducing congestion, and environmental impact. The integration of automated vehicles aims to make public transportation more user-friendly and efficient.

The Tampere Living Lab’s objective is to demonstrate the feasibility of automated and connected vehicle services in real-world traffic conditions. Initially, a limited number of vehicles and space are used, with potential for wider deployment if successful, contributing to Tampere’s carbon neutrality goal by 2030.

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