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INFRAMIX project – final event

INFRAMIX project – final event

23 June 2020

The INFRAMIX project presented its results during the final event on 26 May 2020 and the press conference on 27 May. During 36 months, the eleven partners of this Horizon 2020-funded project tested and evaluated results for three concrete scenarios for mixed vehicle flows dynamic lane assignment, roadwork zones and bottlenecks. The technical and socio-economic results of the research, as well as the development of digital and physical road infrastructure, were presented to the public, in order to guarantee effective traffic flow, safety and user acceptance. A road infrastructure classification scheme (ISAD classes) for road operators was also developed to target their investments to support higher levels of automated driving on European highways. An implementation of the INFRAMIX project has stressed the importance of automation readiness of European road infrastructure for the upcoming period of mixed traffic of conventional, connected and automated vehicles.

You can retrieve presentations by the speakers and panellists and watch the final event recording (below).

You can watch the INFRAMIX project final video here presenting an overview of outcomes and achievements.

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