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Navya marks a new milestone in autonomous mobility

Navya marks a new milestone in autonomous mobility

11 August 2020

Navya, a leading company in autonomous driving systems recently achieved a new milestone in autonomous mobility. Navya has launched a level 4 fully autonomous shuttle ‘“Autonom® Shuttle Evo”’ service without a safety operator on board, in partnership with Keolis, which has been running since 22 June at the National Sport Shooting Centre (NSSC) in Châteauroux, France. The shuttle is operated within the National Shooting Sport Centre allowing athletes and visitors to move from the car park to the reception area. The shuttle travels a total distance of 1.5 km at a maximum speed of 18 km/hour.

This launch is a step towards the development of transport that integrates level 4 full autonomy vehicles, which corresponds to a real autonomy without a safety operator onboard. This service is carried out in complete safety for passengers and other road users. Thanks to the ‘Navya Driver’ autonomous driving software and the sensor architecture of the “Autonom Shuttle Evo”, the shuttle operates without a safety driver, in a determined environment and on a predefined route. If required, the control of the shuttle can take back remotely. Navya announced in later stages of the experiment the service will operate on a route that includes a multi-lane road and intersections with connected traffic lights.

“The integration of this level 4 fully autonomous service operated by Keolis is an important step for Navya. We want to demonstrate that we are going to provide a truly autonomous transport service. This is the key to deliver on the promise of driverless and the business model associated. Indeed, even at controlled speed and in a controlled environment, there are countless commercial uses (industrial sites, campuses, tourist sites, etc.) that represent as many opportunities for our technology. In the coming months, we will focus on taking the steps that will enable us to commercialize these use cases.”  says Etienne Hermite, Chief Executive Officer of NAVYA

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