Last modified on November 24, 2023

PoDIUM Spanish Living Lab

PoDIUM Spanish Living Lab

24 November 2023

In the PoDIUM project, specifically its Spanish Living Lab, two high-level use cases demonstrate advanced Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility (CCAM) services:

Barcelona’s Traffic Management & Safety:
In Barcelona’s bustling Gran Via Avenue, CCAM tackles challenges of heavy traffic, diverse lanes, and pedestrian crossings. Three scenarios show how CCAM technologies enhance safety and efficiency:

  • The Traffic Management Centre coordinates emergency vehicles, modifying traffic lights to create safe corridors and alerting other connected vehicles.
  • Vehicles communicate data for optimized traffic management, minimizing accidents and congestion through infrastructure support.
  • AI cameras detect vulnerable road users at complex intersections, issuing warnings to both vehicles and pedestrians via C-ITS messages to prevent collisions. Cutting-edge tech, like cloud/edge systems, ensures effective emergency vehicle use, traffic optimization, and reduced risk for vulnerable road users.

Cross-Border Commuting & Safety Management:
Along the E15 highway connecting France and Spain, the project spans a 10 km section on each side of the border. Two scenarios demonstrate CCAM-enabled solutions:

  • On-demand shuttle services minimize road presence during non-peak hours, maximizing efficiency between mobility hubs. Traffic monitoring via cameras and connected vehicles enables automatic traffic management strategies.
  • Automated shuttle perspectives showcase CCAM’s role in mitigating risks from incidents or safety issues during transit. Real-time responses and robust communication systems ensure timely interventions for safer journeys. These use cases aim to automate traffic management, enhance safety, and reduce congestion and emissions through incident detection and warnings, fostering a safer driving environment.

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