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Position Paper: Artificial intelligence in the automobile industry

9 December 2020

The European Commission recently announced plans to present a horizontal proposal on Artificial Intelligence in the first quarter of 2021. Additionally, the Commission might also revise existing EU legislation on product safety and liability, the Machinery Directive and its intellectual property rights regime to address potential risks from AI technology.

As a result, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), has developed a position paper on the approach of EU automobile manufacturers to Artificial Intelligence.

The aim of this new ACEA paper is twofold:

ACEA believes that AI holds enormous potential for the auto industry; when deployed in production and manufacturing processes, but especially when embedded in automotive technology and products such as motor vehicles.

In-vehicle AI applications for Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) will play a crucial role in taking automated and autonomous driving to the next level. Besides automated vehicles, AI plays an important role in a wide variety of other applications, such as, in safety features (for example, Advances Driver Assistance Systems).

The widespread deployment of AI will make a major contribution to creating a safer, cleaner, more efficient and more reliable mobility ecosystems in Europe.

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