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Research and innovation in smart mobility and services in Europe – a report by JRC

Research and innovation in smart mobility and services in Europe – a report by JRC

23 June 2020

In May 2017, the European Commission adopted the Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda (STRIA) as part of the “Europe on the Move” package, which highlights key transport R&I areas and priorities for clean, connected and competitive mobility. To monitor the implementation of STRIA and its seven road maps focusing on seven thematic areas including smart mobility, the European Commission launched the Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System (TRIMIS) which analyses research trends and innovation capacities across the European transport sector.

The thematic areas of STRIA include:

  • Connected and automated transport (CAT),
  • Transport electrification (ELT),
  • Vehicle design and manufacturing (VDM),
  • Low-emission alternative energy for transport (ALT),
  • Network and traffic management systems (NTM),
  • Smart mobility and services (SMO),
  • Transport infrastructure (INF).

In October 2019, the European Commission published the second and updated version of the STRIA roadmap on smart mobility and services, which builds on the 2017 roadmap and further develops the research and innovation strategy, as a result of cooperation with EU member states and industry stakeholders. The European Commission will adopt a strategy for sustainable and smart mobility in 2020 that will address this challenge and tackle all emission sources.

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission has recently published a report on “Research and innovation in smart mobility and services in Europe” which provides a comprehensive analysis of R&I in smart mobility and services in Europe in the last years, focusing on European Union (EU) funded projects. It identifies progress in several thematic fields and technologies. It also highlights the relevant policy context and the market activities both in Europe and outside.

The TRIMIS team is strengthening and expanding the data archive to better assess R&I efforts of projects not funded by the EU. The information will be added on technologies, patents and publications, and various other topics of interest.

To read the JRC full report, click here.

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