Last modified on June 28, 2023

A CAV Roadmap for Scotland

2 June 2021
This CAV Roadmap for Scotland explores the opportunities associated with the adoption of CAV technologies on Scotland’s roads and the challenges in their deployment. It sets out the relationship between CAV technologies and the Scottish Government’s transport and economic ambitions. It also explores where and how CAV technologies could be utilised, where and how we can benefit from contributing to their development and what interventions and initiatives might be required for us to unlock these opportunities.  

CAV is a key enabler of delivering the Programme for Government, because CAV technologies will help drive inclusive, environmentally sustainable growth throughout Scotland, within a safe, enhanced and integrated transport system. Scotland is ‘open for business’ in CAV developments and is well-positioned to build on existing industrial and academic assets and capabilities whilst simultaneously developing new skills and capabilities.
Scotland is integral to the future of CAVs, because:
– Transport Scotland can facilitate testing on live road environments;
the Scottish strategic road network is diverse;
– Scotland has strengths in simulation and virtual reality;
– Scotland’s R&D sector will continue to develop sensors, image processing and AI solutions with support from the Scottish Government;
– the Scottish Government acknowledges the benefits of connectivity and automation but is also aware of the importance of an efficient and accessible CAV supply chain to prepare for the changes the technology could bring;
– Scotland welcomes collaboration, investment, and involvement from industry, academia, and public sector partners.

Relation with other roadmaps/plans:

Key examples of Transport Scotland’s active engagement are the pilot project CAVForth and the highly regarded annual CAV Scotland conference.