Last modified on June 28, 2023

Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) Automated Driving for Universal Services R&D Plan

1 June 2021
This R&D Plan aims to help solve social issues, including reducing traffic accidents and congestion, ensuring mobility for vulnerable road users, and mitigating the driver shortage and reducing the costs of logistics and mobility services by practically applying, deploying, and expanding automated driving, thereby raising quality of life throughout society.   In this R&D plan four areas are prioritized, for each area activities, objectives and goals have been defined. This summary contains for each priority area a list of main research topics, which are the basis for the planned activities.  

Development and validation (FOTs) of automated driving systems:
– FOTs in Tokyo waterfront area
– FOTs for the social implementation of transportation and logistics services in local regions
– FOTs of data interrelation, focusing on road traffic environmental data related to automated driving

Development of core technologies for the practical implementation of automated driving:
– Road traffic environmental data utilization technology
– Safety evaluation technologies
– Other core technologies

Fostering of public acceptance of automated driving:
– Delivery of information to the public and fostering of understanding
– Investigation and research for the resolution of social issues by automated driving technologies

Enhancement of international cooperation:
– Delivery of information to the world through SIP-adus Workshop (international workshop) and other opportunities
– Promotion of joint research in automated driving with overseas research organizations
Relation with other roadmaps/plans:
Public-Private ITS Initiative/Roadmaps (Japan – 2019/06)