Last modified on September 18, 2023

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office: Strategic Plan 2020–2025

2 June 2021
US DOT has long been a leader in research, development, and evaluation of technologies for transportation and strong supporter of adoption and use of new and innovative technologies—known as intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Through the leadership of the ITS Joint Program Office (JPO) and modal partners, the U.S. DOT has conducted and sponsored pioneering research and development in technology (RD&T) as well as evaluation of each next generation of ITS. These efforts have enhanced the safety, efficiency, and accessibility of surface transportation for almost three decades—resulting in lives saved, improved access and mobility, and increased economic productivity.   This document serves as the ITS JPO’s strategic plan for 2020 through 2025. The plan describes the vision, mission, strategies, and research goals that will guide the ITS JPO in meeting key RD&T priorities for the Department, as described in the U.S. DOT’s Strategic Plan, 2018-2022¹ and the corresponding RD&T Strategic Plan. These Departmental documents provide the basis for the primary direction of ITS research activities. The Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025 offers greater detail and transparency about the role of the ITS JPO in RD&T within the Department.

Vision Accelerate the use of ITS to transform the way society moves.
Mission The ITS JPO leads collaborative and innovative research, development, and implementation of intelligent transportation systems to improve the safety and mobility of people and goods.  

To fulfil its mission, the ITS JPO employs a focused set of strategies to lead collaborative research, development, and implementation across U.S. DOT modal administrations and with the private and public sectors. These strategies create a framework (see figure below) in which the ITS JPO can identify and suggest technologies to transform transportation systems for the public good.
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