Last modified on June 28, 2023

Research and innovation in connected and automated transport in Europe

8 June 2021
The report presents a comprehensive analysis of research and innovation (R&I) in connected and automated transport in Europe in recent years, focusing on European Union (EU) funded projects. It identifies progress in several thematic fields and technologies, while highlighting the policy context and market activities in Europe and beyond.   The analysis is divided into five sub-themes, each one addressing challenges and findings across modes, including multi-modal transport. Main findings on the R&I related to the five sub-themes are presented below:

on-board equipment
Most projects covered by the analysis are at the early stages of development, at basic research. Therefore, many of the projects have set the foundation for further development.

connectivity and safety
Projects that show deeper integration between fully or partially automated vehicles and connectivity with infrastructure, other vehicles and other connected devices and users (V2X) should be encouraged; especially those can have a positive impact on safety.

supporting infrastructure
Some projects have researched the role of physical infrastructure in facilitating connected and automated transport. Since there are relatively few projects under this sub-theme that utilise data to improve physical infrastructure design with connected vehicles in mind, this could be an area for further research.

socio-economic impacts and human factors
For several road transport projects, the research is based on the development of Apps. Future research should ensure that the latest state-of-the-art data sources and data processing techniques are used, as well as facilitating largescale trials and pilots.

large scale testing.
Safety and security are an underlying theme of the majority of demonstration projects. Therefore, it would be beneficial to build upon the research undertaken by previous European-funded projects, as well as working alongside the private sector, to ensure that research is being optimised and to dissuade the development of repetitive projects, which do not establish a step change in the field.  

Altogether, this report provides a comprehensive and up-to-date review of CAT R&I across Europe. The findings and the insights into the current R&I status and future needs, help the European Commission and the STRIA working group to better identify and prioritise R&I activities and provides valuable information to connected and automated transport stakeholders.

Relation with other roadmaps and plans:
This report on research and innovation in connected and automated transport in Europe is one of the seven reports that support the implementation of the STRIA roadmaps. The TRIMIS team is consolidating and expanding the data repository to better assess R&I efforts of projects not funded by the EU or Member States. As part of this effort, information on patents and publications will be added. TRIMIS will continue to provide support to STRIA and, based on its research, provide recommendations to policymakers.

STRIA Roadmap on Connected and Automated Transport: Road, Rail and Waterborne