Last modified on June 28, 2023

Road Transport Automation Road Map and Action Plan 2016–2020

13 February 2020

Road Automation is progressing fast. This phenomenon takes advantage of both existing and emerging cooperative Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and In-Vehicle System (IVS) sensor functionalities. Advancements in automatisation, i.e. deployment of automation, are proceeding by integration of the technologies above. The Ministry of Transport and Communication has emphasised that Finland is in the forefront in preparing for and utilising automated traffic.

This document describes the study and design processes used. The study methodology was composed of a concise literature review, expert discussions, working sessions, and stakeholder and authority workshops as well as of the editors’ own experience and knowledge of the domain. The design methodology was based on a phased work on various themes. During the first phase the knowledge gaps, which were identified during the literature review and expert discussions, were discussed in depth. Based on the results, specific action cards were developed and drafted. The action cards contained the title and generic use case and contents descriptions. The various draft versions of the action cards, with the detailed activities included, were thoroughly discussed in the project and the steering group meetings as well as in the stakeholder and administrative entity workshops. The final action cards contain information on detailed activities to be taken, the proposed agency in charge of the coordination of the action with the nominated supporting entities, and scheduled timing of the action and its activities, as well as drafted estimations of resources and budgetary reservations needed for the implementation. The action cards were finalised in the project group and approved by the steering group.

In order to proceed with planning and implementation of the action cards they were divided into five domains. The domains are: infrastructure, road superstructure and equipment, vehicle systems, services and functions, and driver.

The purpose of the action cards is to combine the related transport authority activities and resource needs for guidance to be used in the next few years. The detailed information has been presented to the authorities for their planning and implementation processes. This document provides an overall summary of the results.

During the first two years of the study period, 2016–2017, it is suggested to launch a total of 114 individual actions, either as part of an existing project, as combined to form a larger new project or as stand-alone projects.