Last modified on June 28, 2023

Roadmap for the deployment of automated driving in the European Union

3 March 2021

This roadmap explains the key benefits and the different levels of automated driving (including autonomous driving and assisted driving), as well as all the associated terminology, in a clear and visual way. In addition, this roadmap also provides a checklist for policy makers which details the legislative framework that must be put in place at the international, EU and national level.

Moreover, it contains a timeline setting out the next steps that must be undertaken over the coming years in order to enable the deployment of automated vehicles on Europe’s roads in the near future.

In June 2020 ACEA published a discussion paper, which intends to convey joint messages and think paths from the vehicle manufacturers in view of a dialogue with the road authorities, road operators and cities. As vehicles and roads are partners in the transport ecosystem, a hybrid approach is preferred: Vehicles adapt to the existing road environment and can rely on onboard technology while roads adapt to high levels of automation including reengineering (physical and digital) where needed. Consistency between on-board vehicle capabilities, physical infrastructure characteristics and support from the digital infrastructure is needed. Minimum physical and digital requirements for road infrastructure are welcomed assets for automated vehicles. European standardisation and governance can be crucial here. The cost factor and longer implementation cycle of such adaptations of the infrastructure play a significant role, hence a step by step but phased approach must be implemented.

V2I/I2V connectivity can contribute to safety such as the feed of predictive traffic situations with blind spots and out of sight situations.

The development of HD maps has to be considered in a holistic public and private approach. The role of the different stakeholders has to be defined in order to assure a clear contribution to the common good while at the same time guaranteeing a competitive market.

This roadmap relates to the ACEA Discussion Paper: Roads of the future for automated driving (2020/06)