Last modified on October 19, 2023

White Paper ICV Roadmaps: A Worldwide Perspective

28 June 2023

Diverse roadmaps have been released from different countries and regions, led by respective industry organizations as well as governments, playing a crucial role in the alignment among all sectors. To explore the realization path and its corresponding innovation mechanism, starting from exchange and cooperation on these roadmaps, and to lay a solid foundation for further global alignment, the China Society of Automotive Engineers (CSAE) and China Industry Innovation Alliance for Intelligent & Connected Vehicles (CAICV) have established the International Communication and Cooperation Committee of ICV Roadmaps, together with organizations, institutions, and enterprises all around the world, including 5GAA, ACEA, BMW, CAAM, CAERI, CAICT, CATARC, Changan Auto, CICT, DFM, Drive Sweden, ERTICO, ERTRAC & CCAM Partnership, FISITA, GAC Motor, GM, Huawei, KSAE, RIOH, RIRS, SAE International, VDA, Volkswagen, and Zenzic.

This white paper outlines the main contents of these diverse ICV roadmaps, drawing on input from the corresponding committee members, synthesizing the respective characteristics and the best practices of these roadmaps.