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Second L3Pilot showcase reveals the results of a new survey

Second L3Pilot showcase reveals the results of a new survey

20 November 2019

On 6 and 7 November, ARCADE participated in EUCAR (European Council for Automotive R&D) Annual Conference in Brussels. The event provided an opportunity to witness tangible evidence of tomorrow’s mobility and gathered all relevant stakeholders to debate the future of mobility. Representatives from the European Commission and industry shared their views and visions, while an accompanying exhibition demonstrated current achievements. The H2020 funded L3Pilot project was the dominant party of the exhibition. The L3Pilot project aims to test and study the viability of automated driving as a safe and efficient means of transportation. It is particularly concerned with user’s perspectives on automated driving, studying user acceptance along with their driving and travel behaviours.

L3Pilot showcased the functionalities tested in different driving situations, including parking, overtaking on highways, and driving through urban intersections. Several project partners such as VW, BMW and AUDI (along with many more), provided vehicles for the demonstrations. Project coordinator Mr. Aria Etemad highlighted three key points of L3Pilot:

  • a common data format which facilitates the analysis of data on CAD,
  • the code of practice for CAD (which will be presented at the end of the project) and
  • the first results of a survey to measure user acceptance of the tested technologies.

The survey was representative and conducted in 9 countries. Results show that people are aware of autonomous driving and know that they have to take over control whenever necessary. However, in contrast to China, in Europe and in the US, people are not aware that they are able to do other activities while sitting in an autonomous car and are not convinced of using the technology in urban traffic. Hence, in parking situations, people show the highest interest. Further, to ensure user acceptance the benefits of CAD must be better communicated to people.

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