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Self-driving shuttle buses are coming to the street of Tallinn

Self-driving shuttle buses are coming to the street of Tallinn

23 June 2020

As a result of a partnership between Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) and Silberauto Estonia, self-driving buses are about to become a part of everyday life on the streets of the Estonian capital. The autonomous shuttles, known as Iseauto, are set to start operating in Tallinn by June 15, as part of a wider push towards creating a smarter and more sustainable.

TalTech began the project in 2017 to recall its 100th anniversary with plans of building an autonomous shuttle bus. It focused to build an autonomous bus which would follow a pre-defined route and can operate on public roads in normal weather conditions. TalTech is responsible for innovation of new function like 5G networks, cyber-security and autonomous driving. However, the development of IseAuto hasn’t been seamless, as autonomous vehicles are relatively new and regulations are not up to date with the technology.

As climate crisis is a growing concern in cities along with growing population, project Iseauto can provide an alternate smart solution in dealing with pollution and traffic congestion. Estonia’s innovation-friendly environment ministry has aided the project, and supporting Iseauto by establishing a group of experts. It is quite clear the Iseauto project is a sign of smart future and leading way for collaboration between industry, universities and the government.

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