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SHOW Podcast #6: Understanding Better Citizens’ Needs

SHOW Podcast #6: Understanding Better Citizens’ Needs

5 July 2022

Have you ever wondered who are the people working in the field of automated mobility? And what motivates them to work on self-driving vehicles?

To get answers to your questions, SHOW launched the new podcast series ‘Automated Mobility: The people behind the wheel.’ In the podcast, you will get to know the experts working in the field of automated mobility through a series of interviews. Hosted by Henriette Cornet, UITP, Coordinator of the SHOW project, the podcast wants to build the bridge between research and practice, between experts and passengers.

#6: Ingrid Skogsmo – Understanding Better Citizens’ Needs

In this episode we get to know Ingrid Skogsmo, from VTI (the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute). Ingrids tells us how her career and interest into automated mobility started 20 years ago at Volvo, while working in crash safety. As leader of the Cluster on Societal Aspects and User Needs at the CCAM Association, Ingrid highlights that “It is not the consumer that we have to convince about technology, it is everyone out there and their expectations towards more safety, better environment, less congestion and more jobs”.

After many years of experience in automated mobility, she sees the need for staying humble towards what we don’t know and continuing the exploration: “Even if we did not know the full picture, we tried to define small steps of things where we knew that – at least if we do this – we go in the right direction.”

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