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SHOW project: Self-driving service trial started in Tampere, Finland

SHOW project: Self-driving service trial started in Tampere, Finland

7 February 2022

As part of the SHOW project, a two and a half month trial of a self-driving last-mile shuttle bus service is taking place in Tampere, Finland. A group of test passenger was able to take part in the trial and was satisfied with the ride experience overall.

Passengers were positively surprised how well the vehicles managed to detect other road users, the speed of the vehicles, and the overall experience.

The shuttle service makes use of two Toyota Proaces, automated by Finnish autonomous technology company Sensible 4, which transports locals as a last-mile service to the tramline. The trial is also part of Tampere’s strategic goal to lead in smart city development.

Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, mayor of Tampere, stressed the importance of self-driving cars as an opportunity to construct new, sustainable and smart cities and to gather more information about how autonomous vehicles are able to complement the public transport system.

Jussi Suomela, CBO of Sensible 4, praised the trial for providing an opportunity to gather real-world data about the performance of autonomous shuttles in adverse weather conditions as well as information on end-users.

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