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SHOW project: Simulation of urban automated mobility

SHOW project: Simulation of urban automated mobility

7 February 2022

SHOW investigated how Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Vehicles (CCAVs) may impact the mobility system if the number of CCAVs is increased and if they are deployed for a longer time frame. To answer this question, SHOW is conducting simulations to supplement the real-world findings and clarify aspects that are difficult to test in the real world due to safety issues or scaling-up limitations.

The simulations have a fourfold aim and attempt to test the algorithms of CCAVs in advance on computers, push the limits of testing CCAVs in urban scenarios, scale-up results for impact assessment for better planning of CCAVs in the future, and simulate network effects of pilot vehicles.

The simulations are carried out for a pre-determined, representative selection of SHOW pilot sites, and make use of data from real-world sites. The special feature of the simulations is that the individual sites are in the first instance simulated with the best expertise and tools of the individual partners. This allows for a wide variety of simulation tools. Finally, the project partners are working on creating a uniform simulation set, intended to make the results of the individual sites and tools comparable and to reach the objectives of the project.

More information, such as the simulation results, will be made available on the SHOW website.

It is also possible to contact Joachim Hillebrand from Virtual Vehicle at