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SPACE project on automated vehicles reaches an important step

SPACE project on automated vehicles reaches an important step

12 August 2020

UITP (Union Internationale des Transports Publics) has announced recently that its SPACE project (Shared Personalised Automated Connected vEhicles) has reached a major milestone. SPACE developed a unique reference architecture, an Intelligent Transportation System for Autonomous Vehicles (ITSxAV) for the integration of AVs with the public transport.

The project was launched in 2018 with the aim of placing public transport at the centre of the automated vehicles (AVs) revolution. The consortium consists of 50 partners from over 20 countries. One of the objectives of SPACE is to provide members with the right tools and knowledge on how to integrate AVs into the public transport network. All partners have collaborated to develop this new high-level reference architecture which ensures a seamless integration of driver less vehicles with other IT systems in the mobility ecosystem.

The reference architecture’s goal is to help operators and cities make the right technical decisions when integrating AVs into the public transport network. The development of architecture resulted in bringing together different stakeholders from diverse sectors. To understand more about the new reference architecture, different partners were interviewed by UITP.

“Public transportation has an important role to play in terms of connecting people, enabling social inclusion, and protecting the environment. It is key for public transport authorities to enhance their vision of shared mobility with the advantages of AVs. That is why we are collaborating with the UITP SPACe initiative, to support autonomous technology’s development with the goal of serving citizens and communities.”  says Patricia Villoslada, Executive Vice President, Transdev Autonomous Transport Systems.

To read the full article and a press release by UITP, click here.

Photo: UITP