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StreetDrone published its autonomous vehicle safety report.

StreetDrone published its autonomous vehicle safety report.

10 April 2020

A UK based company, StreetDrone, which specialises in providing solutions and technology for urban autonomous vehicles, published on 31 March 2020 its safety report “Putting Safety First in Autonomous Vehicles” to contribute to the connected and autonomous (CAV) industry safety.

StreetDrone’s report complements to conventional CAV safety knowledge by placing a deeper reliance on the vehicle hardware contribution to safely put autonomous vehicles on the road. The 30 page report provides an experience based contribution to the safety and help enable the CAV industry to accelerate the corporate, public and institutional confidence in self driving technology, so the benefits of the autonomous vehicles are realised more quickly.

Mike Potts, StreetDrone’s CEO said, “This is a difficult time for everyone. While we’ve had to make some changes to our operations due to Covid-19, we’ve also had the opportunity to write our Safety Report based on the experience of building and running autonomous vehicles over the past three years of StreetDrone’s operations. This experience spans the full stack of AV disciplines from hardware and mechanical design through to AI and software, as well as a deep insight into city centre public highway trials. For an organisation focused on ‘zone 1’ urban trials, we have necessarily been safety-led, so our report encapsulates much of this knowledge. We believe that industry collaboration and knowledge-sharing are essential prerequisites for CAV technology to achieve wide-scale adoption and we’re therefore delighted to make our own contribution to this growing body of knowledge. Importantly, the paper also reflects a clear and distinct perspective that too often the vehicle element of the autonomous technology stack is not fully considered. In the safety report, we propose a set of rules for the automotive safety factors that address what we consider to be a systemic oversight across the industry of these vital hardware considerations.”

To read the full report, click here.

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