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The registration to the second European AI Alliance Assembly are open

The registration to the second European AI Alliance Assembly are open

24 September 2020

A large participatory online event will gather on 9 October 2020 all the members of the European AI Alliance.

This year’s edition will address Europe’s initiative to build an Ecosystem of Excellence and Trust in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Commissioner Thierry Breton, representatives of the German Presidency of the European Council, and other high -level participants will attend the event.

To download the draft agenda, click here.

The “European AI Alliance Assembly” is a key event when it comes to the European Commission’s policymaking process in the field of AI. In June 2019, a first edition of the event took place with more than 500 participants, including experts, stakeholders and policymakers, this event paved the way to essential policy and legislation initiatives which are currently undertaken by the Commission.

This year’s event will hold an online, high-level and multi-participatory forum where different subjects will be examined and discussed:

  • The outcome of the Consultation on the AI White Paper launched by the European Commission from 19 February 2020 to 14 June 2020, as well as the next policy and legislation steps;
  • The finalised High-Level Expert Group on AI (AI HLEG) deliverables;
  • The future projections on the European AI Alliance as a multi-stakeholder forum reflecting wider economic, societal and technical aspects of AI to the European policymaking process.

How to participate

As the European AI Alliance will be an online event, it will be made accessible via live web streaming to all available members of the European AI Alliance or any other interested stakeholders. The members will be able to submit their questions to panellists, as well as workshop representatives via dedicated discussion sections or through social media tools.

The registrations to attend the Second European AI Alliance Assembly are open! All registered participants will receive the links to attend the various sessions, as well as the latest updates regarding the event.

Register here to attend the Assembly

The European AI Alliance

The European AI Alliance is a forum where more than 4000 European citizens and stakeholders engage in discussions on the future of AI in Europe.

After the launch of a European AI Strategy in April 2018, the High-Level Expert Group on AI (AI HLEG) was established by the Commission and mandated with careful drafting on Ethics Guidelines for AI and AI Policy and Investment Recommendations. The European AI Alliance forum was set up in parallel to the AI HLEG, to provide, among others, input from different parts of society to the work of the AI HLEG and EU policy-making on a more general level.

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