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Three out of four French people are in favour of the autonomous vehicle

Three out of four French people are in favour of the autonomous vehicle

16 February 2022

The second edition1 of the VEDECOM & MACIF barometer on the acceptability of the autonomous vehicle by the French reveals that 73% of them have a positive attitude towards this means of transportation. More than half of the French people (53.50%) intend to try autonomous mobility in the coming years.

The visibility of the autonomous vehicle is increasing throughout the country, including among rural residents, though it is higher among young people, city dwellers and executives: 24% of the 18-24 years old have seen an automated vehicle, 23% of city dwellers and 22% of executives. More than 8% of the latter have already tried an automated vehicle.

Moreover 6 out of 10 French people declare to feel safe in an automated vehicle and 54% think that this vehicle is reliable. With this, the results of this second edition clearly show the direct and positive link between experimentation and acceptability of the autonomous vehicle.

Autonomy is associated with comfort, well-being and freedom, via the on-board activities that it makes possible (talking on the phone, sleeping, etc.). Autonomous mobility everywhere and for everyone is also very appealing to the French (e.g., improving mobility for the elderly and connections between cities).

Indeed the autonomous vehicle is highly anticipated in rural areas to provide for day-to-day services (e.g., on-demand services for isolated seniors or people with reduced mobility, those who do not have a driver’s license or a car, or last-mile deliveries to industrial zones). 67% of French people believe that the shared autonomous vehicle will allow people living in rural areas to no longer be dependent on the private car.

Finally autonomous vehicles are perceived as more ecological than non-autonomous vehicles by nearly 63% of respondents, i.e. shared autonomous shuttles more than for individual automated vehicles, for which they have a reservation.

More information and the full press release are available for download here.

1 The first edition of this barometer was released in November 2020.