Last modified on April 24, 2024

Training on Automated Mobility for general public

Training on Automated Mobility for general public

24 April 2024

The EC project SHOW is proposing online courses on automated mobility, one for the general public, and another on “Interconnecting the Autonomous Mobility Ecosystem”.

The training for the general public explores the benefits (safer roads) and challenges (ethics) of the cutting-edge technologies behind self-driving vehicles, how it will impact our everyday lives in the near future. It also looks into the history, the different types of automated vehicles and levels of automation, the latest advancements, services, and applications that will transform how we get around.

In the course exploring the world of Autonomous Mobility Ecosystems, participants can learn from industry experts about the key players, their interactions, and real-world use cases from Greece & Italy.

Information and registration for both courses are available here.