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UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap – Ongoing data collection

UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap – Ongoing data collection

15 January 2021

Join the CAM Creators already on the Roadmap.

Key information

  • CAM Creator data – Questions 6-7 are the most important. They regard real-world contributions against Roadmap activities. Please submit as much as you’re able against these questions. You’ll need to submit against at least one of these to be featured as a CAM Creator in the Roadmap.
  • The Roadmap – Please access the interactive online Roadmap here. Please watch the tutorial on the first view to understand how to use the Roadmap. Then use the Roadmap for Questions 6-7 to submit information against Roadmap activities.
  • Full form – This is a simplified version of the form to ease the submission process. Please click here to see/submit through the full form. This form contains more detailed background information and an opportunity to submit progress data against Roadmap activities.
  • Submission deadline – Please submit by 29th January to be considered as a CAM Creator for the next update. Following this date, submissions will remain open for future CAM Creator updates.

Register your business and you can become a CAM Creator on the Roadmap as part of the next release. You’ll feature on the updated Roadmap and join the companies and organisations making the sector connections, forming collaborative partnerships and taking the commercial opportunities being part of the Roadmap offers. 

Register here.