Last modified on November 28, 2023

ULTIMO autonomous vehicles in Oslo ready for action

ULTIMO autonomous vehicles in Oslo ready for action

28 November 2023

The introduction of the first automated vehicles (AVs) in the frame of the ULTIMO project’s has kicked off on the roads of Groruddalen (Oslo), Norway.

Groruddalen currently benefits from an extensive public transport system, consisting of 19 bus lines, three metro lines, paratransit transport services, and also local train services. Booked on-demand, these AVs will plug the gaps for first/last mile in the mass transit network, replacing existing bus-lines during hours of low demand from/to the local metro station.

Compared with ULTIMO’s other deployment sites, the Norwegian site (managed by public transport authority Ruter) unique attributes are:

  • 15-20 shuttles with SAE level 4
  • Free-floating on 560kms of road
  • 90km/h maximum speed

ULTIMO project AVs are making mobility more accessible and inclusive in Groruddalen, and hopefully in time, will become just another part of travellers’ everyday scenario in a better connected public transport system.

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