Last modified on October 9, 2023

Understanding People’s Mobility Needs For CCAM

Understanding People’s Mobility Needs For CCAM

9 October 2023

The SINFONICA project’s mission to address the mobility needs of diverse user groups in the context of CCAM. For SINFONICA, mobility needs can be defined as all physical or psychological user-related requirements towards mobility solutions, like CCAM, that arise from users’ individual psychological motives, characteristics, and situational factors and determine the (intention to) use. Understanding these needs is a key factor in CCAM adoption and paves the way for developing equitable, inclusive, and user-centric CCAM solutions.

To bring together these different factors and show the interrelationship of mobility needs and the intention to use, the project formulated a general theoretical framework of the mobility needs relevant to CCAM. The framework is based on three levels: “Mobility Needs”, “CCAM Design requirements”, and “Intention & Use”:

  • Mobility needs are a combination of users’ characteristics and situational factors and determine the users’ requirements towards CCAM service characteristics;
  • CCAM Design requirements contain the user requirements towards CCAM service characteristics that arise from mobility needs;
  • ​​Intention & Use describes forming an intention to use and actual use of CCAM solutions.

Read the full article written by the project, which is based on their report analyzing mobility needs, psychological findings on mobility behavior, and their implications for CCAM design.