Last modified on November 9, 2023

Unlocking IN2CCAM & SINFONICA’s Trikala Living Labs

Unlocking IN2CCAM & SINFONICA’s Trikala Living Labs

8 November 2023

The city of Trikala in Greece has actively engaged in EU mobility research programs, with the IN2CCAM project and the SINFONICA project being the latest stride towards a cooperative, connected, autonomous and inclusive mobility future. The city is building upon the foundations laid by previous research initiatives like CityMobil2, AVINT, and SHOW. Their aim is to push the boundaries of automated, demand-responsive, and shared mobility solutions to new heights.

The IN2CCAM Trikala Living Lab is a visionary project geared towards enhancing the efficiency and safety of the city’s urban transportation. This endeavor involves improving a fleet of on-demand Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) and developing additional C-ITS solutions.

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On the other hand, SINFONICA offers Trikala a unique opportunity to engage citizens and stakeholders in CCAM solutions and assess their needs, expectations and perceptions of the current state of CCAM implementation and the future. CCAM becomes a key element of strong interest for Trikala for all civil society groups and stakeholders involved in the field of autonomous and connected vehicles and other connected services.

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