Last modified on March 5, 2024

Data catalogues (2021)

The catalogue information was compiled by the ARCADE project in 2021, with an addition of GSD in 2022.

Global Safety Database (GSD)

GSD is a well-structured database covering most road traffic accident databases on a global scale. The database holds metadata on 101 data sources from 39 countries. The database has been created by German Research Association for Automotive Technology (FAT). An account is needed to get access. Anyone can request an account, then to be approved by the GSD steering committee. (accessed 11 September 2022).

Bifrost data catalogue

Bifrost is a company working with different applications built on AI. The company website hosts a data catalogue with references to open datasets for a wide range of applications. The datasets are categorized and in the section for “autonomous cars” there are 50 datasets registered (, accessed 19 April 2021).

Scale data catalogue

Similar to Bifrost, Scale has a data catalogue dedicated to autonomous driving. There are also here 50 datasets indexed with the possibility to search for specific terms and features like type of data, available annotation types and year collected/published. The catalogue is available at (accessed 19 April 2021).

FOT-Net Data Catalogue

The FOT-Net Data Catalogue (available at, accessed 19 April 2021) holds information mainly from FOTs in the first half of 2010s. As a community resource, all registered users are able to update the contents of the wiki. The FOT-Net wiki is since 2019 more of an archive rather than a living repository.

The Data Catalogue describes datasets collected in FOTs and NDSs including conditions for availability for re-use. It introduces the scope of the data (e.g. kilometers driven, number of test users and sensor data collected), test setup, and provides links to further information and contact persons for each dataset.The FOT-Net wiki also holds information on previous naturalistic driving studies and field operational tests.

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