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Joint workshop of ARCADE CAD Stakeholder Network and ERTRAC Working Group on Connectivity and Automated Driving

13 February 2020, Brussels, Belgium

This was the third workshop of ARCADE Joint Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) Network and ERTRAC Working Group on Connectivity and Automated Driving, after the previous events in February and April 2019.

In the first two workshops, stakeholders and experts defined together benefits, challenges and bottlenecks of automated driving, which were compiled in a first series of reports (see thematic areas section), and a consolidated roadmap.

In that consolidated roadmap, ARCADE has defined a number of actions for the different thematic areas (together with application specific priorities) at technical, systems & services and societal levels. This third workshop aimed to further explore, validate and expand these key priorities identified.


Short introduction about ARCADE
Overview of CAD consolidated Roadmap (2019 release)
Presentation of CAD Knowledge Base

Consolidated results and plans for the second release of ARCADE Roadmap

Roadmap (2019 release) per technology, systems & services and society Thematic Areas

Action-based posters

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