Testing Infrastructure

Fully autonomous vehicles SAE Level 5 and below without wheels and pedals.
Can be tested on snow, ice rain, dark road, wet road, dry road and all types of road conditions.
Mixed Traffic in cities etc.

Procedure Description

The organization that like to test need to apply to Nation Public road prior to the pilot test starts
– National Public Road has a document out that they like to be filled out in a structured way. It is important to show risk assessments of the pilot area where you like to drive, risk assessments of the vehicle, types definitions of the vehicles and documentation of the vehicle,
– Assessments of GDPR and how the Pilot is documented

Organisation(s) in Charge

National Public Road Administration accept the application to start a Pilot Trial of Autonomous Pilot Driving at level 4 or 5.

Contact Information

The Norwegian Public Road Administration

Link to Procedure Website

Link to Documents


Further Comments

Defines requirements to the vehicles

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