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Second ARCADE Joint CAD Network Stakeholder Workshop

The second ARCADE Joint CAD Network Stakeholder Workshop took place on 4 April following the EUCAD 2019 conference in Brussels. It attracted more than 120 participants, representing a total of 40 projects on Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) from Europe, the US and Japan.

The first edition joint workshop took place on 5-6 February and was used to receive feedback & further input regarding the initial findings & scenarios based on thematic areas developed by ARCADE. The results were refined & consolidated to create the ERTRAC Roadmap on Automated Driving along with European Commission’s Strategic Transport Research & Innovation Agenda (STRIA) Roadmap.

The focus of this edition was on Research and Innovation (R&I) initiatives. ARCADE is interested in the results, challenges and gaps in the context of key thematic areas. This is essential to the deployment of CAD in Europe and beyond. The main purpose of the workshop was to identify future research needs and areas of mutual interest for collaboration between projects. Attendees were given an overview of EC policies, R&I programmes and associated European projects by Tom Alkim from DG Research and Georgios Sarros from INEA. Also in attendance were Takahiko Uchimura from ITS Japan and Kevin Dopart from the U.S Department of Transport. Both speakers gave an overview of R&I activities on Automated Road Transport in the U.S & Japan.

The second portion of the workshop was dedicated to a networking event allowing projects to interact & discuss ideas. This was followed by breakout sessions, giving participants the opportunity to exchange knowledge, ongoing activities, lessons learned & future plans.

Click to download the finalized Agenda & speaker presentations:


Objectives of the workshop & introduction to ARCADE – Stéphane Dreher, ERTICO – ITS Europe (ARCADE Coordinator).

EC Policy Initiatives, Communication, Future R&I Framework Programme, EU Single Platform for Open Road Testing – Tom Alkim, European Commission, DG RTD.

Overview of invited Projects per Call Topic & Their Main Aspects/Challenges – Georgios Sarros, Project Manager, INEA.

ERTRAC Updated Roadmap on Connected & Automated Driving & ARCADE Roadmap Overview – Mats Rosenquist, VOLVO.

R&I Projects in Japan – Takahiko Uchimura, Senior VP, ITS Japan.

R&I Projects in U.S – Kevin Dopart, Program Manager Vehicle Safety & Automation, US Department of Transport.

Society-Related Thematic Areas – Yvonne Bannard, University of Leeds & Carlo Giro, IRU.

Systems & Services-Related Thematic Areas – Guido Di Pasquale, UITP.

Technology & Vehicles-Related Thematic Areas – Julie Bou, Bosch.

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