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New Mobility Services, Shared Economy and Business Models

New mobility services are expected to be a game changer of the mobility issues in both urban, peri-urban and rural areas in the coming years. The services studied in ARCADE are based on connected and automated vehicles, (SAE L3 or L4): operated on demand or in a scheduled way, integrated in the city transport network and MaaS platforms, accessible via public transport or private operators’ platforms or apps.


They will be completing the existing Public transport offers in low density/low demand situations and could be complementing or competing them in high density/high demand areas, depending on the deployment scenario. The services may be disruptive in some cases, e.g. Uber taxi transportation. They may use any kind of vehicles: pods, passenger vehicles, shuttles, or buses, and be operated in segregated, dedicated lanes, or in open traffic.

The analysis conducted in Year 1 of ARCADE have stressed the conditions of for the deployment of new CAD services. Research and investment should in priority aim at decreasing the cost of services, which is still too high; the interoperability and integration with public transport should be achieved, and the safety specifications must be clearly established. In addition, the integration of CAD services with existing transport networks and MaaS platforms is needed. Eventually, it is likely that new kinds of operators will be needed, and the conditions of trust among stakeholders have to be settled. Large-scale pilots and FOTs should be prioritized.


The results of Year 1 of ARCADE, addressing the challenges and enablers (required actions), are summerised in AI deployment roadmap (or “road ahead”) figure hereunder. The detailed results, ‘Report Systems & Services Thematic Areas: challenges and scenarios’ can be downloaded from the “Documentation” link below.

The analysis of the main challenges, enablers and actions required were investigated during the Year 1 of ARCADE. The second year is about prioritisation and further detailing of these actions using input form stakeholders and projects.

In ARCADE the “New Mobility Services” Thematic Area team is currently detailing and prioritising the related actions.  Next step is to collect feedback on these actions from key stakeholder through stakeholder consultation (survey). We invite all interested stakeholders to share their opinions and feedback. In case you are interested and would like to be informed when the survey is available, please contact us by using the contact details in ‘’Contact’’ link hereunder.

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